Excellent series batteries are characterized by a very long service life and cyclic durability, which is many times higher than in other starter batteries, thanks to the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. The main feature of AGM technology is the use of special separators made of glass mat soaked in electrolyte. The batteries are completely sealed and maintenance-free, so they can also work inside vehicles without the risk of leakage, and can be safely used in boats and campers. AGM technology guarantees the highest resistance to starts and partial recharging, which is why they are successfully used in most vehicles with Start & Stop systems and energy recovery systems.


Capacity [Ah] [C20] 50
Cold Cranking Performance [A] [EN] 540
Terminal Type T1
Length [mm] 207
Width [mm] 175
Hight [mm] 190
Weight [kg] 15,1



Catalog Card 015AGM EN

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