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Lightweight, durable and heavy-duty, the GBC101 protective case has a semi-rigid outer casing with zippers and a reinforced handle. The rubberized exterior provides protection against moisture, impact, dust and other environmental factors, while the molded interior perfectly fits, stores and protects the GBX45 Jump-starter.


The GBC101 case has extra pockets to carry related NOCO accessories. Easily store the protective case in your trunk, vehicle, console or garage.



  • Light, durable and robust custom-made housing.
  • Equipped with a zipper and a reinforced handle for storing and carrying the reinforcement.
  • Provides protection against moisture, impact, dust and environmental factors.
  • Fits NOCO Boost GBX45 starter motors.
  • Additional pockets for related accessories.
  • Resistant to weather conditions. Do not immerse in water.

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