Traction Batteries

BPOWER Traction Batteries are assembled in Poland by a team of experienced and qualified employees. The cells are covered by DIN (PzS) and British Standard - BS (PzB) standards in factories that meet the highest quality and safety standards. It is characterized by a large number of cycles (about 1500 cycles with the required operation), low maintenance costs and solid performance.
High-quality components used for assembling cells, minimizing battery failure. In the case of its use or defect, proven solutions, such as the use of screw connectors, ensuring quick and easy use of different types of batteries (cells, connectors or battery systems).

The BPOWER Traction Battery consists of parts made of the highest quality materials:

  • PzS twisted links (l = 198 mm) filled with liquid electrolyte for 1.28 g / cm3
  • PzB twisted links (l = 158 mm) filled with liquid electrolyte for 1.28 g / cm3
  • Safe fully insulated flex connectors with 35 mm2, 50 mm2, 70 mm2, 95mm2 cross-sections
  • Insulated plastic head connectors with measuring interface
  • Lead cables with insulated connectors (large selection)
  • Heat-dissipating polypropylene separators, maintaining specific pressure in all chambers, protect against deformation of the cells
  • The boxes are made of steel sheets of various thickness, powder painted, resistant to punctures
  • Possibility of installing Central water refilling systems, Electrolyte mixing system, Electronic electrolyte level sensor
  • Battery sockets are always agreed with the customer, so they do not coincide with these fees


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