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Catalog Card GBC003

The NOCO GBC003 Boost HD precision battery clamps are a heavy-duty clamp designed for 12 volt gas and diesel engines. The HD precision clamps have a needle clamp profile. Designed to fit any shape or size of battery clamps, from small battery clamps in tight spaces, top and side batteries, to large battery clamps. Robust and durable clamping springs ensure maximum current flow with minimal power loss. The Boost HD Precision accessory does not melt or smoke, has a high current throughput and is reinforced with an all-metal construction.



  • Heavy-duty battery clamp designed for 12 volt gas and diesel engines.
  • Needle clamp profile for step actuation of hard-to-reach and oversized battery terminals.
  • Made of durable, heat-stabilized 8 AWG silicone wire that remains flexible at low temperatures.
  • Designed to efficiently carry maximum current flow with minimum power loss.
  • Compatible with UltraSafe GB20, GB40, GB50 and GBX45 lithium starter batteries.

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