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Introducing GENIUS10, which provides more power and is easier to use. Designed for 6 and 12 V batteries, including lead-acid, gel, AGM, maintenance-free and lithium-ion. It has an integrated thermal sensor that detects ambient temperature and varies the charge to eliminate overcharging in hot climates and undercharging in cold ones. Easy to configure and use - connect to the battery and select charging mode. Fully automatic and hassle-free charger for year-round use.


Input Voltage [V]              120-240, 50-60 Hz
Capacity Range [Ah] to 230
Charging Current [A] 10
Length [mm] 71
Width [mm] 36
Height [mm] 23
International Protection Rating IP IP65
Types of batteries

Suitable for liquid batteries (flooded),

gel, calcium, AGM batteries,

maintenance-free batteries

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