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LiFePO4 (LFP) battery charger.

The charging process takes place in two stages, in the first stage it is charged with constant current. Then, after the battery reaches the appropriate voltage level, charging begins with constant voltage.

The charger automatically ends the charging process.


Supply voltage 200-260 [V AC]
Power frequency 50-60 [Hz]
Charging voltage 14,6 [V]
Output power 292 [W]
Maximum charging current 20 [A]
Working temperature 0-45 [oC]
Storage temperature -20-85 [oC]
Length 173 [mm]
Width  90 [mm]
Height 51[mm]
Weight 1,35 kg



  • Charger for LiFePO4 batteries with a rated voltage of 12.8V and a capacity of >40Ah
  • For cyclically and buffer batteries
  • Charging status indication via LEDs
  • Protection against short circuit, overcurrent and overcharging
  • Does not require supervision
  • Supplied with cables

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