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Voltage [V]  12,8
Capacity [Ah] 50
Number of cycles 4000
Length [mm] 198
Width [mm] 166
Hight [mm] 170
Weight [kg] 5,8

BPOWER LFP series batteries with a Bluetooth module provide excellent performance, safety and reliability.


Intelligent BMS

The battery management system (BMS) protects against short circuit, overcharging, under-discharge, overheating and low temperature, making the batteries much more resistant to improper use, while maintaining their high efficiency and performance.

BMS also allows you to effectively connect batteries in parallel and in series (maximum 4 pieces).


Battery monitoring thanks to the Bluetooth module

Monitoring the battery voltage before and after work thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module.


Maintenance-free and long life

High-quality cells ensure over 4000 cycles (0.5C, 80% DOD @ 25 ℃), maintenance-free throughout the entire period of use and a wide temperature range.


Compact design

The smaller size and lower weight saves more space and valuable kilograms compared to VRLA batteries.


Intelligent balancing

Our built-in balancing circuits extend battery life by ensuring even use of all battery cells.


No memory effect

Partial charging or discharging does not negatively affect the nominal capacity. Thanks to this, the batteries are able to provide very efficient cyclic operation.


Fast charging

High energy efficiency allows for fast charging with low energy losses.


High IP rating

The IP65 design is perfect for most applications



  • Caravans and campers
  • Wheelchairs and disabled vehicles
  • Yachts, boats
  • Solar and renewable energy storage
  • Cleaning machines
  • Electric drives
  • Devices and toys


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BPower LFP warranty terms

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