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User Manual Lokithor

The Lokithor JA302 is a multifunctional car starter with a starting current of up to 2500A designed for instant starting of 12V vehicles (8.5 liter petrol engine or 6.5 liter diesel engine). The compact design combines an air compressor, power bank and flashlight with an easy-to-carry booster. All this while weighing less than 2 kg thanks to the built-in lithium-ion battery. This makes it a great helper for your adventures, whether traveling, camping, fishing or cycling. For example, in winter in the mountains, you no longer have to worry about not starting your car.


Inrush current source 2500 A

With a peak current of 2500A, this compact starter box can start most vehicles several times on a single charge! With this power, you can use it for cars and some trucks, campers, tractors, boats, motorcycles and more. The integrated voltmeter easily informs about the state of charge of the connected battery.


Compressor 10 bar (150 psi)

The air compressor is one of the most powerful small portable compressors on the market. It can inflate 4-6 regular car tires on a single charge. The device stops working when the maximum pressure (BAR/PSI) is reached. The package contains 4 nozzles for all kinds of applications.


300 lumen LED flashlight

The flashlight with an ultra-wide beam angle will help wherever a powerful headlight is needed. It lasts about 17-18 hours on a single charge. The service life is designed for more than 1000 hours. It has 3 lighting modes: constant light / strobe / SOS.


Portable power bank

The USB 3.0 fast charging port allows you to connect smartphones, tablets and various other USB-charged devices. For example, a regular smartphone can be fully charged 3 times.


Modern construction

LOKITHOR uses vibration damping technology that would otherwise shorten the life of such a device. The durability and stability of the battery is ensured by a modern BMS control system. Very low self-discharge allows you to keep the device charged for 2-3 years (we do not recommend long-term storage fully charged).

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