6 DPP 180


Semi-traction batteries with a positive armor plate, produced in polypropylene containers, are manufactured according to the standards of high-power traction cells, thanks to which they are characterized by high capacity, which, when properly used, is maintained for a long period of use. Thanks to the single lid, they are safe to use. A wide range of capacities and sizes allows you to select a battery for almost all devices, ensuring a long operating time on one cycle. They most often work in platform lifts and pallet trucks, where they work best due to the number of cycles and price.


Voltage [V] 6
Capacity [Ah] [C20] 219
Pole Teriminals T1
Cell Arrangement 0
Length [mm] 242
Width [mm] 190
Hight [mm] 285
Weight [kg] 31,5



Catalog Card BPOWER 6 DPP 180 EN

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