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GENIUS PRO 50 is a multi-voltage charger: 6 V (50 A), 12 V (50 A) and 24 V (25 A) designed for lead-acid, cyclically operating, gel, AGM, maintenance-free and lithium-ion batteries. Designed for those who need performance and functionality. Features an integrated thermal sensor that detects ambient temperature and varies charging to eliminate overcharging in hot climates and undercharging in cold ones. The use of a completely new mode allows you to manually start charging discharged batteries, and also has a repair mode for 6 V, 12 V and 24 V batteries.



Input Voltage [V] 100-240, 50-60 Hz
Capacity Range [Ah] to 2000
Charging Current [A] 50
Length [mm] 312,40
Width [mm] 175,30
Height [mm] 91,40
International Protection Rating IP IP20
Weight [kg] 1,22

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