• Automatic charger and conservator 12V and 24V
  • Charges lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 400 Ah
  • It recovers deeply discharged batteries up to 2 volts
  • Intrinsically safe technology and protection against reverse polarity
  • Built-in battery desulfurizer for recovery of used batteries
  • Safely monitors the battery actively at zero overcharge
  • Advanced diagnostic indications for damaged batteries
  • Progressive repair mode of highly sulfated 12V batteries
  • Power adapter for replacing the car battery or 12V devices
  • Starting the engine for discharged batteries.



Input Voltage [V] 110-120, 50-60 Hz
Capacity Range [Ah] 400
Charging Current [A] 15,0
Length[mm] 358
Width [mm] 122
Height [mm] 71
IP Protection IP44
Types of batteries Suitable for liquid (flooded) batteries,
gel, calcium and AGM batteries,
lithium-ion, maintenance-free batteries

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