The battery is a specialized device for accumulating energy. It can be recharged many times and it will ensure the continuity of work for the machine it supplies. Without a functioning battery, no modern vehicle would be able to function. It is he who supplies the direct current necessary for the operation of many components in motorcycles or cars. The basic principle of proper use of the battery is not to leave it for a long time while idle. In order to be able to move your machine without problems at the start of the motorcycle season, you need to regularly check and recharge it. The unused battery will discharge after some time and will be useless.

What are the types of motorcycle batteries?


• Lead-acid battery
This is the oldest type of motorcycle battery. It has a liquid electrolyte that evaporates over time. This type of battery requires checking its status at least once a month. The undoubted advantage of this battery is the low price. Fits older motorcycle models that are not overloaded with electronics.

• AGM batteries
These are new type batteries. Their construction is slightly more complicated than the previous type of batteries. They consist of positive and negative plates, between which there is fiberglass. The plates are special mats in which the electrolyte soaks up. When buying a new AGM battery, we get a product with an empty battery and electrolyte packed in a separate container. You need to fill the battery yourself, so we guarantee a longer life. Their advantage is durability, so you do not have to change them so often and more power. These parameters mean that these types of batteries have less problems after the autumn-winter season.

• Gel batteries
They work well on motorcycles that have many additional gadgets (e.g. navigation, ABS system or heated grips). Silica gel is added to the electrolyte, hence their name.

• Lithium ion batteries
They are distinguished by incredible lightness. They are ideal for motorcycles where the lowest possible weight is important. They are acid free, so they can be placed in any position without the risk of spillage. They are characterized by long life and an express charging rate. Unfortunately, they are the most expensive of all batteries.

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